Violent Crimes

By law, anyone who has been arrested has the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney present when any questioning takes place. If you have been arrested for any violent crime, exercising these rights can significantly improve your legal outlook. During an arrest for a violent crime, an individual’s mental or emotional stability can be in question, and even simple innocent comments may be taken out-of-context or used against them. Our experienced violent crime lawyers in Wilmington, NC can help ensure that anyone arrested for a violent crime gets fair treatment in the NC legal system. The attorneys of Hewlett, Collins and Allard are skilled at representing violent crimes cases including:

  • Murder or Attempted Murder
  • Manslaughter or Attempted Manslaughter
  • Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse
  • Assault with or without a Deadly Weapon
  • Battery

If you are facing charges for any violent crime, call one of the experienced attorneys at Hewlett, Collins and Allard to make sure that you get the expert legal representation you need. Being charged with a violent offense does not have to take over your life, and we can help protect your rights and preserve your freedoms throughout the difficult legal process of a violent crimes defense.